Wednesday April 23 , 2014
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Proper emptying and draining of Chemical Drums is an important aspect of responsible resource management.

The Chawke Barrel Drainer recovers residues of valuable raw materials left in Drums and reduces costly waste. 



Proper rinsing transforms empty Plastic Chemical Drums from a Hazardous Waste (European Waste Catalogue 15 01 10*) to Safe Recyclable Packaging (EWC 15 01 02).

Environmental legislation classes Empty Plastic Chemical Drums as Hazardous Waste which is costly to dispose of.

The Chawke Auto Drum Rinse system is a cost effective alternative to manage the safe disposal of Empty Plastic Chemical Drums.



Storage and transportation of bulky Rinsed Plastic Drums is ‘space-consuming’ and expensive.

The Chawke Eazy-Chop machine achieves in excess of 85% volume reduction and converts the Waste into Saleable Bagged Plastic Flakes.


The Chawke Process


Under EU Waste Management Legislation, the producer of waste remains responsible and liable until it is no longer a waste.

All responsible environmental staff, together with Senior Executives and Directors, retain a potential liability for any injury or harmful effect generated by the plant’s waste even after the waste is passed on to a Licensed Waste Contractor.

Chawke Industrial Solutions can provide customers with a unique on-site process which triple rinses empty Plastic Chemical Drums and converts them from Hazardous Waste to certifiable non-hazardous, clean, bagged, plastic flakes with a commercial value as a quality recyclable plastic in the plastic recycling industry.

The installation of the company’s equipment enables a manufacturing plant to convert an expensive cost overhead to a revenue stream.


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